this ain't supposed to happen to me


    3kims who can’t stop touching each other u_u

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    Bobby to his gifts - x, x

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    Bobby&양홍석 threw fans a kiss💋

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    Dispatch releases pictures of GD with Kiko Mizuhara, Friend/Stylist Yanggaeng & YG Staff Choi Soonho (141007) #1!

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me 80% of the time

    me 80% of the time

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    a pointless gifset of daehyun with a towel on his head ヽ( ´ー` )ノ

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    pointless gifset of daehyun with a towel on his head ヽ( ´ー` )ノ

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    Yongguks’ Song Recommendation for Lunar New Year


    Yongguk: "If you’re taking a long drive over the holidays, I recommend listening to Lil Rob’s ‘Summer Nights’. On the last days of summer, enjoy it with some sweet west coast music. Especially people who like hip hop.”

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    [TRANS] B.A.P for Ten Asia Member Interview: Zelo →


    Q. 19 this year, you are spending your last year of your 10’s.

    ZL: I am experiencing many things and making my dream in love of many people. So happy and amazed because people listen and love our music from the opposite side of Earth. I’ve been only imagining it. Because i received so much…

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